Meccanica Grezza since May 2016 is authorized by the Carabinieri, through the company Difesa Servizi Spa, wholly owned by the Ministry of Defense, to produce watches with the “Carabinieri” brand and all the departments that make up this glorious and effective structure military, the weapon.

Starting from the certainty of the quality of its products, for Meccanica Grezza it was an honor and a privilege to produce watches for the Carabinieri special forces. Providing an essential tool as a “wristwatch” to military operators using explosives, parachuting, climbing, diving and shooting in extreme conditions has been a continuous challenge that has led to the birth of a fruitful collaboration and the supply of professional clocks to the GIS, the Underwater and the 1st Tuscania department. Each of these departments, in the respective field of action, represents the maximum of military professionalism and know that to mark their time there are Meccanica Grezza watches is a privilege reserved for a few.