Year 1977, the first encounter, that small object, with a hypnotic ticking, its cold shine, the weight, that little hand that never stops ….. a marvel, eyes shining and a passion never ceased in time .

Many years have passed and the world is no longer the same, who has marked every change is always that tireless hand, sometimes it seems to go fast like lightning, sometimes it seems slow like a sailboat in the calm, whether we like it or not, our life is inextricably linked to the turns that makes that hand. It’s a fixation, seeing what watch people bring to you helps you understand who you are in even more than the clothes you wear, is as distinctive as fingerprints. Coming from a family of technicians and inventors can be a problem or a resource, for me it was both, you have to grow “stealing” the trade.

The resource is that you grow up learning to file, weld, turn, work wood, steel, carbon and much more, and this “steal” applies everywhere. As a boy, I traced the path of my creations through “flights of fancy” coming to define every detail to the full image. A few years later, during university courses in architecture, I tried to understand how to realize my ideas and what path to follow to get to define every detail; in that period I made my first “half wrist” watch prototype and on that occasion I realized that it needed a lot more technical and knowledge of how much I had matured. From years of experience in architectural and technical design, the concept of “simple and effective” is born, a characteristic that represents the object and its functions without unnecessary decorations.

The clock must be beautiful and functional until you get excited but inside there must be a lot of technique, only this way is complete. In 2009, after years of learning and studying in the sector, he began the construction of prototype boxes for watches with modeling equipment. After two years of development, Meccanica Grezza watches become a reality.